'Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.’
Mark Twain


‘Michelle is a healer of extraordinary talent, wisdom and
humility. Her blended healing sessions draw upon her
intuition, current learning (she's always up to something!) connection to universal forces and many lifetime's
worth of healing work. I have regular monthly healing
with Michelle and see my time with her as essential
to my overall well being and health. Her authenticity,
openness and warm spirit means that the time I spend
with her is always a thought provoking, body restoring
and emotionally settling experience.’

Danielle Marchant, Executive Coach, Enabling

‘I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I've put
my first painting up for sale online!! Thanks for helping
me so much so I could get here!! I couldn't have done
it without your gentle and safe guidance and support.
You have a wonderful gift that gives life to so many others
Michelle :)

I feel so incredibly happy. This morning I really felt
like my heart was a waterfall of joy, just flowing and
overflowing... this is easily the happiest I've ever felt. And
I'm sure there are more good things to come!’

Melissa De Silva, Artist

‘Michelle makes me feel at home and safe in our coaching sessions.  I completely trust her to help navigate me through the darkest reaches of my soul.  She is a gifted and compassionate healer and listener.  Her intuition and ingenuity will take you deep into your self, shine a light, and then help you clear the debris away to uncover the heart of the matter.  She has given me illuminating new ways of seeing myself, compassion for myself, and gentle but powerful nudges toward completing my goals. You would be very lucky to have her on your side.’
Anu Gupta, Mind Body Coach

‘Michelle is uniquely Michelle. I have worked with other people but always go back to her because her energy radiates compassion and insight. She has helped me recognise my true virtue and the power within myself to live my mission. She has also, through her well researched techniques and personal wisdom, guided me towards tapping into my own wisdom by helping me create a reservoir within me, from which I can draw my own resources to work through my own challenges. Something within me has changed and evolved for the better, and she has had a significant part to play in that metamorphosis.’
Sherlin, Freelancer Trainer

‘I believe the advice and methods that Michelle showed to me was essential in helping me move closer to my dreams and I consistently refer to those skills I picked up from our sessions to help me live my life to my fullest potential.’
Camille Lim, Producer, Nissan Global Media Center

‘Michelle is a heart-centred coach who is inspiring in her unwavering attitude to stay true to the path of knowledge. I've had the benefit of her encouragement, and that has allowed me to take the plunge towards the most amazing experiences in my life. May she continue to infect her clients with the same humour, warmth and passion so that they will allow themselves to live their fullest potential.’
Vivian Salim, Residential Designer

'Michelle is a guiding light and voice of reason. I have consulted her professionally a number of times and have always come away more at peace with myself. She has a wonderful approach to people and a comfortable demeanor. Michelle has become an essential part of my life.'
Colette Wong, Sports Journalist, ESPN Star Sports

‘Michelle has been a constant source of support and calm in life, when things get rough and I feel as if I'm on a roller coaster and can't get off. She always manages to ground me, reassure me and remind me that I have the strength within me to carry on. Her insights into what I'm feeling and why are always spot on. I'm lucky I found her.’

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