I believe in relationships that have bonds so deep you can feel the universe rush through them.’
Judith Orloff


To all my clients and students… thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a witness to your lives and a small part of your journey of transformation and self-realisation. I celebrate each step you take that brings you closer to the deepest most meaningful dreams you have for your life. You give my life purpose and immense joy.

To my mother… thank you for your constancy, authenticity and humour. You taught me about the importance of being genuine and coming from your heart through your actions. Thank you also for the sense of community service you instilled in me through the voluntary work you carried out throughout your life. Most of all thank you for giving me the space to figure out who I was.

To my father… thank you for providing for us so completely and teaching me about commitment, integrity and true leadership. Thank you also for showing me the importance of staying true to your values, as you did, through all your many accomplishments. Your unassuming manner and appreciation of the simple pleasures of life have been an inspiration to me. I feel you with me more now than ever.

To my sister, Claudine, my brother-in-law Keith, and their beautiful children, Tessa, Mark and Andre… my thanks to you for all your guidance, unwavering support, delight and completion you bring to our family.

To my beautiful friends… you have been the true guiding lights in my life. My heartfelt appreciation for your presence, support and all that you model for me by being yourselves. If people are known by the company they keep, I am glad I keep yours. Especially…

Col… thank you for always cheering me on in your wholehearted generous way. Thank you also for being the rock solid best friend that you have been to me all these years. I love you!

Debbie… thank you for always making me feel welcome and providing such a comfortable place for me to stay on my travels through NY. I miss you much and can’t wait to see you again!

Grets… thank you for always believing in my potential and pushing me to go out into the world and make my mark like you model with such vitality and power.

Mandy… thank you for your sweet loyal sister-friendship. I have many fond memories of the times we spent together that I cherish and look forward to creating more.

Michele… thank you for teaching me about the depths and breadths of friendship and forgiveness. I am inspired by your resilience, tenacity and creativity.

Zee… thank you for all the dinners, walks and thoughtful discussions. I applaud your humble dedication to all that you care about, your family, friends and this planet.

Jen… thank you for being such a grounding influence in my life and sharing your adventurous curious spirit, wicked sharp sense of humour and open attitude.

Melissa… thank you for being such a heartfelt companion on the journey and great coach. I love our chats and connecting with you!

Faith… thank you for your love, support and friendship over the years. I am inspired by your talent and hope that one day we can collaborate!

Viv… I am so glad that we met and very thankful to you for taking the photos for this site and giving me permission to use some of your previous work on this site. If you’re interested in seeing some phenomenal photography please go to or

To my web designer extraordinaire Morgan… many many thanks for your patience, expertise and the energy you put into the creation of this site. But most of all thank you for your friendship and being such a dream to work beside and with.

To the beautiful Ambika… thank you for working alongside and together with me, for sharing your wisdom, experience and creating a blessed compassionate space for light workers to work from. I believe in you.

To Ralph… thank you for opening your heart and home to me and giving me the opportunity to contribute to the wonderful life changing work that you do. I feel very blessed to have you in my life.

To Peter… thank you for all the indelible memories I have of the experiences we’ve shared and our many long conversations. You will always be very special to me.

To all the teachers, masters and mentors that I have had the privilege to learn from over the years… my heartfelt appreciation to you for showing me the discipline, honesty and depth necessary for walking a meaningful path, especially John-Luke, Oliver, Carola, Martha, Stuart, Kajuyali, Warinei, Audrey and Meme.


To Susan at Oasis Life Design… for the sanctuary you created with the generosity of your heart and for being such an inspirational guide and master coach.

To Anu at Triple Point Coaching… for your gifts of compassion, insight and presence that have brought me profound healing and for teaching me to trust my body’s wisdom.

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