'Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blue prints of your ultimate achievements.'
Napoleon Hill

‘I feel blessed to have a wonderful guiding light like Michelle in my life. She is a coach who has helped me harness my inner potential by opening up my eyes to possibilities.'
Greta Georges, Travel host, CCTV (China Central Television)


Life Coaching

Life Coaching enhances the clarity in any area of your life, career or relationships. It helps you become more effective, focused and fulfilled by providing a space for you to self-reflect and cultivate your self-awareness.

During a Life Coaching session you will be guided through a process of identifying and transforming your limiting beliefs so that you can clear the path to living your greatest potential. You will also be given tools that will allow you to integrate and heal your inner self, become authentic and live a vital, balanced and peaceful life.

Life Coaching builds your ability to trust yourself, your instincts and act on your innate knowing of how to live your best life. It also gives you support along the way to creating that life and believing in your greatest goals and dreams.

Mind Body Coaching

Mind Body Coaching builds your awareness and connection to your body and can relieve pain and body ailments very rapidly. It is especially helpful if you are suffering from stubborn ailments and chronic pain conditions that have not responded to medication or other treatments.

Mind Body Coaching is for you if you have been building your connection to your body, have a high level of emotional intelligence and understand that your health is fundamentally connected to your emotions and stress levels.

During a Mind Body Coaching session you will be taken through simple exercises to build your Mind-Body awareness and help you feel relaxed in your body and mind. You will also be given tools and guided in identifying how your emotions and stressful thoughts have contributed to your chronic physical ailments and stress-related conditions.

Booking a session

If you are interested in a free 30 minute consultation session or in booking an appointment or please contact me at or call 91592386. I am also happy to communicate with you if you have any questions or queries at all.

Single coaching session (one hour) $150
Package of 5 coaching sessions (valid for six months) $600

Payment options

*10% of profits are donated to organisations that provide care & lodging to rescued and stray dogs and cats.

**Please ask about bartering or a reduced rate if you are unable to afford my full fee.

All coaching sessions are conducted in person, via phone or Skype. Coaching on the phone or Skype is just as effective as coaching in person and offers the same tools and processes. You will be required to complete a comprehensive pre-work questionnaire before our coaching sessions begin.

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