Leaps Of Faith

Finding your calling and purpose in life requires courage, stamina and self-discipline. If you make any serious headway on this essentially inner journey, you will reach points where you feel uncomfortable. You will come face to face with your emotional wounds and question the validity of your quest.

This is when you need to be brave and take a leap of faith. Like Indiana Jones in the movie The Last Crusade who had to step forward onto an invisible bridge over a deep chasm as a sign of his faith; you need to keep walking this path less travelled, believing in the deeper truth and meaning of what you are seeking.

Finding purpose and meaning requires you to take risks and carve out an individual path, but the rewards are enduring and real. You will be the first one to tread this path so you will make your markers as you make choices in your life.

You may find it helpful to take time out to examine your life and allow for an internal emotional shift to unfold. You may also choose to ask for support, in the form of a mentor, spiritual adviser or healer. These periods are opportunities to grow and heal your emotional wounds.

Emotional wounds develop in reaction to painful life experiences and your understanding of them. Once you are aware of these wounds, you can make a decision to heal and let go of any beliefs about these experiences that cause you pain or stress. Then you can start to see how these past events have contributed to your personal growth and helped you become a better person.

Peace and equilibrium become an integral part of who you are as you transcend your fears and heal your emotional wounds. Over time you are rewarded for your faith by the natural confidence and inner radiance that flows from within you because you are connected to the innate balance of your soul.

Your soul has a greater wisdom and knows what decisions will give you the most peace in each moment as it is connected to the wisdom of your heart. By quieting your mind’s incessant chatter and making sure you have at least fifteen minutes of silent contemplation every day you strengthen your ability to tune into this wisdom.

As you heal and find alignment within yourself, you will meet people with whom you connect in heartfelt ways. They are your tribe- your companions who will bring you much joy and learning on your journey toward your destiny. Let their goodness and love light your way.

‘Come to the edge, He said.
They said, We are afraid.
Come to the edge, He said.
They came.
He pushed them…
And they flew.’

Guillaume Apollinaire