The Year I Became President

Last year I decided that instead of having any New Year’s resolutions or goals (which I often end up carrying over to the next year and leave me flooded with feelings of guilt at not having achieved them), I would choose a Word of the Year.

I learnt about the Word of the Year through Christine Kane and her Word of the Year Discovery Tool. This tool is used to help you choose a word to guide you through the year. It serves as an open-ended intention and contains that special combination of focus and surrender. It gives you a defined energetic intent, while allowing this intent to manifest in it’s own way.

The Word of the Year I chose in 2011 was FLOW. I had no idea how subtly yet powerfully it was to impact my life. Like the power of water, which is both yielding and unrelenting, my Word of the Year flowed through my life and left it’s mark. I found myself…

FLOWing into posting regularly here on my blog.

FLOWing into this updated website. Admit it, it’s pretty darned fabulous.

FLOWing toward investing personally in my health, education and coaching practice

FLOWing toward the knowledge that my digestion just wasn’t up to par and my years of restrictive diet regimens and yo yo dieting had taken its toll. I was not absorbing all the nutrients from the food I ate, even when it was of the highest quality.

FLOWing away from my strict vegan regimen because of undeniable health problems, and toward a less restrictive vegetarian diet, focusing on fresh, natural, unprocessed whole organic foods (with the occasional chocolate and packet of potato chips. Just because I’m vegetarian doesn’t mean I’m not human!)

FLOWing away from helping with the cleaning and dog walking at Pet’s Villa* (even though it broke my heart to not be able to interact with the animals) and acknowledging that I just didn’t have the stamina and capacity to help out with the physical work load anymore.

FLOWing into helping Pet’s Villa raise funds and making the commitment to donate 10% of all my earnings to them.

FLOWing into my certification as a Martha Beck Certified Coach.

FLOWing into the first year of a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology run by the University of London International Programmes.

FLOWing into the Presidency of my Toastmasters club and learning a lot about managing a team and the responsibilities of running a club.

FLOWing toward supporting the other members in the committee at my Toastmasters Club to fulfill their roles in their own way, while still holding them accountable to their duties and best efforts for the betterment of the club.

FLOWing away from a friendship that crushed my spirits so completely that I felt immobilized and was starting to lose my inspiration and connection to life itself.

FLOWing back to sanity and emancipation with two friends that nursed me with their unyielding compassion, steadfastness and morning walks in nature.

FLOWing out of the arms of a disingenuous selfish man that could not look me in the eye (now I know that was because he had several women in tow and no genuine intention beyond his desire to please himself) into the arms of a Scandinavian hunk who was decent and had a body that just would not quit. Fleeting though that was, it showed me that there is more. Oh so much more.

FLOWing out of the thought that I needed a man in my life to be complete to the realization that I already am complete, and while a man would be a fantastic complement to a life I gain much joy and contentment from, all sentient beings are the true loves of my life and the best is already all around me.

FLOWing toward the realization that my life is better when I have an appreciation for the simple joys of life- fresh food lovingly prepared, pure water, doing work that allows me to offer solace and healing, quality time with my loved ones, the feel of warm sunshine on my skin and beautiful bright blue skies.

This year my Word of the Year is EMPOWERMENT and I can’t wait to see what jewels this new gem brings into my life, heart and soul.

* Pets Villa is an animal shelter that provides lodging, food and care for 500 stray or abandoned dogs and cats that would have otherwise been put down. If you wish to volunteer your time or donate to this well deserved shelter please go to

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